Blubitty dub

Normally I would have cleaned the kitchen and dishes by now, tonight I just can’t be fucked.

My weekend was very quiet, a few drinks but nothing interesting. I’ve spent all of the last few days in the hostel, really.

I joined the gym with Tim. Usually we run around kicking a football for an hour or so before we start a workout. I can feel that it has made a difference already. Not that I look bigger, I just ache more. Although, it is a good ache.

We’ve been going every other day, except tonight. The place was already closed by the time we turned up. I’m still wearing my smelly gym pants at the moment, actually. Cheap thrills.

Since we couldn’t get into the gym we decided to make some food, as eating dumplings at EAT seemed a bit excessive due to our lack of exercise. Instead, I bought ingredients for Tim to make a curry. It wasn’t bad. The second course was baked apple pastries with strawberry ice cream. Tasty. Unfortunately the calorie count was probably ten times higher than if I’d just munched on some pelmeenid.

To add to this shocking lifestyle near-change, I’ve begun doing some light stretching in the morning on our balcony. It’s quite nice and peaceful and almost makes getting up early feel worthwhile. Fuck, I hate getting up early.

Dave comes back from Dublin for a few days tomorrow. I wonder if I can get him semi-naked again. In public, that is.

Lucy came to stay for a while, as well. Crazy girl managed to get herself here within 4 days of the idea. I must be convincing at times, or something.

Stupidly, I’ve been showing everyone the home movies my parents sent over on DVD. My chubby fat pale redheaded kid antics are a mild hit. All my worst moments. It’s great that they didn’t actually include anything to be proud of, like how big I looked when I was playing rugby in my early teens. You know, just for a mild ego boost. Ah well.

Where the fuck is Renata? I need someone else to wake up in the mornings instead of me. Bastards.