Drama unfolds

The police came around to the Monk’s on Friday asking for business registration papers. Apparently it’s not allowed to do certain things in apartment buildings. I don’t know much about it, but Hugo does. Anyway, they’re checking all the places in town now it sounds like. I’m not looking forward to that.

Still, things should work out fine. It’s just a little worrying at the moment.

Apart from that, I’m very sleepy (as usual). Marika has what is hopefully her final exam for now on Tuesday. I’m sure she’ll pass, she’s a good girl.

Fuck it. Too lazy today to write anything. I’ve been drinking a bit these last weeks. Summer is coming, after all. Memories are hazy. I can’t even speak English any more.

I can’t, actually. It’s regressed since I’ve been staying over here. Oh well. Maybe I sound a little bit cuter.