So, I got the Atom. My SIM card has been sitting in the mailbox all week because the deadshits at m8 sent it to me instead of my parent’s address like I specified, except of course no one realised it had arrived (I know, I know, I should check the mail, but I wasn’t expecting anything). That wouldn’t have been so bad if dad hadn’t already called up m8 and had them disable the SIM card and have another one sent out… So now I have to wait another few days unless I can ring them tomorrow and have it re-enabled. For fuck’s sake.

Anyway. The Atom. It’s pretty cool but I don’t like it. I know that’s a strange thing to be saying after just getting it, but it was mainly dad pushing for me to get it in the first place. He gets so giddy like a child about technological shit that it’s kind of hard to turn him down. He has great fun researching devices and deals and salivating over the anticipation to the big purchasing splurge. All along I really just wanted a normal mobile phone and now that the rush of excitement from hunting down the Atom has worn off and I’ve had some time to play with it I’m regretting it. They’re good little machines, they’re just not what I want. They’re a PDA first and phone second and that’s mainly the problem.

Fortunately I can just give it back to dad and I’ll get myself a normal mobile. I’ve done a wee bit more research (and nearly did a compulsive buy-it-now on eBay just then) for the Samsung D600. It’s similar to the Nokia 6280 yet apparently better according to that site (although not 3G) and cheaper. The added benefit is that I can get one ASAP and it won’t be locked to the 3 network like the 6280s are. I guess I’ll need a SIM card first. ARGH.


Edit: better than Blue Steel


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  1. Felicity wants to know you you broke the drought with? Was it her and she just didn’t realise it because she was sleeping at the time.

  2. It is Darcy to you.

    And I think he would have liked that. Though I do hope you caught him before the desexing because his nuts are all shriveled up now.

    Unless you like them like that of course. I guess you are headed down that track yourself.

  3. had a look at the sony ericsson range?

    i’ve never been happier with a phone since i’ve had my K750i

  4. Hey, how many different ways can you refer to Sydney Uni in your interests list. You must have the market cornered!

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