Miss me?

Didn’t think so.

I swapped the fucking Atom with dad’s old Nokia 7250i. I’m much happier. I may end up getting a Nokia N80 when they become available instead of the 6280. Woo.

I may also need to actually buy a digital camera. It depends whether or not I get the N80, methinks.

In other news, I’ve wisely decided to start going out with someone two months before I leave the country. Dumb idea, really, I know. Still, a little drama always keeps things interesting. Her name’s Emily.

In a budget-rescuing exercise, palmy and I have started buying goon en masse for our “drinking habit”. On Sunday night we had 136 standard drinks worth of cask wine lined up in our fridge for the low-low price of $56 between us. They’re a great resource for drinking games.

My manorexia is being ruined by all the food I’ve been eating lately. I’m going to have to resist. I don’t feel bad for eating food, I feel bad for eating too much because I know I don’t do enough exercise. After having put as much weight on as I did a few years ago then managing to lose it all and more I simply refuse to let it happen again. It’s hard when you have no self control when it comes to flavour. Meh.

We lost netball on the weekend, even though we won 3 of the 4 quarters (so we get bonus points). Typically, the quarter that I didn’t play in resulted in a score of 20-4 to the opposition. The advantage was too great for us to recover. I certainly enjoyed beating up the female goalkeeper from the other team who seemed to think it was my fault that I kept running into her whenever she deliberated stepped in front of my path to block me. She didn’t look too happy when I pushed her off me simply by raising my arm up and shifting all her body weight downwards so that she staggered and nearly fell to the floor. The other highlight was when she kept pushing into me while I just stood there and held her off until the umpire called her for contact and I got to shoot a goal. Apparently after the game she ran straight off the field and complained to the management that the umpire wasn’t picking up any of my “dirty” play.

I wasn’t dirty, I’m just good. ;) Silly bitch.

Time’s running out and I need to get myself a UK visa. Thursday. Always Thursday. The weeks are going so quickly now, it’s freaking me out.

I went to my cousin’s 21st at the Harbord Diggers Club on Saturday. Even my mum said it was boring. I had more fun driving there and back. I also blew $40 on the poker machines in there out of sheer boredom. Think about that for a second.

palmy rolled his ankle after netball a week ago, then completely stuffed it last Friday when he went out dancing after breaking up with his girlfriend. He didn’t get it looked at until Sunday and by then it had swollen up to about three times the size of his opposite foot, with brusing all around the toes and heel. The ligaments are swollen and sticking up, too. Fortunately he got a massage from a physio student at work to clear it up a bit but he’s going to need to do some more work to it.

Last night was the first night in about a week that I’ve gotten a proper sleep. I crashed at 12:30am and didn’t bother getting up til about 1pm. I’ve picked up a sore throat and cold in the meantime, so I’m working on getting rid of it through lethargy.

Damn, I have to catch up on my Naruto and Bleach episodes. Berserk, too. Good times ahead.


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  1. i was beginning to wonder what happened to you. my bf watches naruto, you haven’t missed much…just a bunch of fillers :S

  2. Surprise!

    Yeah, the last 3 months have been fillers. :'(

    Still, it’s something to do.

    You should get your boyfriend to watch Bleach!

  3. yeah manager matt has mentioned it to him, but there’s nowhere for him to buy it where he lives. so he has to order it online or i could buy it for him, which takes forever!

  4. Did you hear that Gene Pitney died? In Cornwall last night. No more Liberty Valance.

    Where’d you meet Emily? Huh, huh??

    I used to go to Harboard Diggers all the time when I was about 9. It was amusing at that stage, but not for much longer than that.

  5. hi bf here :)
    Seriously, its been filler since ep136, still, we’re on ep179 now and there’s a rumor it will end on ep183 as its the start of the new season, i hope thats true.

    My bro has bleach, ive watched the first episode and it was pretty good, but im busy watching smallville and magiranger right now. Also, Karas looks awesome, but i dont know when thats coming out…

  6. bleach is superior, except for when naruto was in chunin (is that right? fuck it’s been so long) duels era

    your lj icon makes me fucking sick

    i think i’ll have to make one just like it the next chance i get..

  7. whoa sorry you feel that way about the icon…not as bad as some of the ones ive seen on here..

    anyways, naruto filler nearly over, we have something to be happy about

  8. lol i’m kidding, it was more a joke directed at redknob as he pays out on me being all soppy and romantic :(

    which is why i said i’m going to make one of my own :D

  9. Fillers are fun because I like the pain.

    It’s worth watching Bleach. Honest!

    P.S. I added you to my friends list because I’m sweet.

  10. Yeah, bummer. :(

    Met her months ago. As you do.

    Don’t talk to me about the fucking Diggers club, geez.

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