I need to do the washing.

I played with the O2 Atom PDA/Phone more today at Dick Smith’s. They’re pretty funky but I’m still iffy as I like my SMS usage and these might be more fiddly in that regard. Hmm.

My fucking phone company still hasn’t sent out my new SIM card. It’s not so annoying, though, as I need to specify a 3G card anyway I believe (says the Optus man) and I didn’t when I rang before. Whoopdedoo.

To make this post more interesting I thought I’d supply some eye candy. Instead, I’ve uploaded 2 pictures I just took then with my webcam.


36 thoughts on “Blargh.

  1. You wear Bonds singlets? That is either really gay or really redneck. You be the judge.

    Oh and instead of talking about phones and webcaming images of yourself you could be doing your much avoided washing. Then you will have a shirt to wear.

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