Paid for my ticket. Just in time.

I bought a bottle of Jim Beam and four litres of Coca-Cola to celebrate.

Alright, not to celebrate. To feed my alcohol addiction.

I’m going to get a new phone soon. I’m not sure whether to get the O2 Atom PDA/phone or the new Nokia 6280. It might boil down to SMS functionality. How sad.

I’ve got this sinking feeling that everyone that would ever bother to SMS me thinks i’m ignoring them these days (not that I’m particularly popular, but you never know what people have been trying to send in the last week and a bit). The other hard part is that I don’t have anyone’s numbers stored anywhere except for on my phone bills.

We played 2 games of netball last night, one for our team and the other was because one team needed 2 extra male players, so palmy and I stepped up. I lost about 4 kilos over the weekend, mainly fluid and mainly because of the exercise, I think. Groovy.

Speaking of fluid, time to drink more, since the drought’s been broken, and all.


16 thoughts on “Poorer.

  1. i’m sorry. i didn’t know leaving you would turn you to the bottle.

    in other news, i’m retarded and have been sending you sms messages regardless of “knowing” your phone is missing. i’ve now deleted your contact as not to make the same mistake again.

    can you take alcohol on planes? i can bring you this bottle of kahlua which is sitting around up next month.

  2. It’s the only friend I have left.

    I’ll have the same number when I (finally) get a new mobile, so you’ll have to add me again. I’m sure the experience will be exciting.

    Yeah, you can take it on the plane. If you’re bringing luggage you could just put it in that if you’re game, otherwise you can probably bring it as hand luggage.


    but next time keep it down, i need my beauty sleep.


  4. i like the look of the atom one. i am over nokia. i just wish there was an easier way of texting.

  5. I don’t eat, I don’t sleep, and I often get sweaty… :/
    It’s your youth… wait til your old, your metabolism will come to a screeching halt and your sexy svelt-ness will grow into beer-belly-land.

  6. How do you define “easier”? I played with the Atom today at Dick Smith, I still couldn’t figure out if you need to use the stylus to enter text or if you can just push big numbers on the screen similar to mobile phones.

    They’re pretty cool little machines, though.

  7. Ewwww….
    To me (someone who wouldn’t go low/no carb EVER; as I LOVE carbs), low-carb beer seems extremely wacky.
    Isn’t beer made with hops… as in wheat-like? As in chock-full o’ carbohydrates? Isn’t beer SUPPOSED to be bad for you… lite beer blows.
    I’ll handle belly fat if the alternative is low-carb beer!

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