Not quite.

I did it! I turned up in a travel agent! All by myself!

I slapped down a $150 deposit on my flight with Air Tahiti (I promise they’re decent) to Paris, departing on the 2nd of June. It goes via the USA but I only have 2 hour waits on transfers, so I won’t be getting outside the terminal. Now I just have to pay the rest off in the next week or so and organise travel insurance, an international youth card and perhaps somewhere to stay for a few days when I get over to Frog land.

The plan is to spend some time recovering from jet lag and checking out Paris for a few days then trekking down south to Bordeaux to touch Benecke, then I guess we’ll just play it by ear from there. Hopefully. I might have to get an ongoing ticket or something so that they let me into the country to begin with. I’ll see what happens.

Not sure whether to bother applying for a UK working visa yet or not. I’ll see how I feel.

I need to look up some backpacks for research. Good old backpacks.


14 thoughts on “Airborne.

  1. cooool :)
    how exciting
    i’ll be in london from 15 july, so get in contact once you’re back int eh land of the english speaking.

  2. trekking down south to Bordeaux to touch Benecke

    How erotic.

    Come and visit meeeeeeee! I have no friends. Actually I have 2, but that’s not much better.

  3. It’s going to be even hotter than it sounds.

    Yeah, I’ll visit you! Just let me stay for free and it’ll be all sweet! >_>


  4. Australia to England via the US??? Why does that seem crazy? I’m just going to assume it was a lot cheaper.
    I’m going to be New York May 30th – June 5th; if that’s where your layover is, maybe I’ll come say ‘Hey!’

  5. It’s the same price going via Singapore, etc, but the layovers are shorter via the US:

    From: SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (SYD) Departs: 9:15am
    To: PAPEETE, FRENCH POLYNESI (PPT) Arrives: 8:05pm
    Flight Time: 6 hours and 50 minutes

    From: PAPEETE, FRENCH POLYNESI (PPT) Departs: 10:00pm
    To: LOS ANGELES, CA (LAX) Arrives: 9:10am
    Flight Time: 8 hours and 10 minutes

    From: LOS ANGELES, CA (LAX) Departs: 12:30pm
    To: PARIS DE GAULLE, FRANCE (CDG) Arrives: 8:25am
    Flight Time: 10 hours and 55 minutes

    26 hours flight time. About 30 hours total.

    I like the pain.

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