Dear diary,

today I got up and couldn’t find any pants. I had to wear a pair of Ross’ that he’s had lying here for ages but I couldn’t do them up properly.

After an hour I had found pants and went outside after applying my new Gillette deodourant which during application feels like it’s not going to work. I walked up King street to express post ‘s mail from Air Services and spent $10 for the privilege.

I continued north to the superior IGA and purchased a few more vegetables and beek stock cubes to use in the Kick Start Diet soup that I began preparing upon my return. I felt very culinary as I chopped and sliced and occasionally diced copious amounts of vegetables and threw them in my big bubbling pot full of water and crushed tomatoes. It’s been simmering for a few hours now and I’ve just turned the heat off altogether. All the ingredients have softened up but haven’t gone soggy – just right in my opinion. Now I’m just counting down the hours until I succumb to my hunger and ingest upon the capsicum infused tomato based vegetable soup.

Today is fruit day. has gone to work with I think an apple and a handful of grapes. The soup wasn’t ready in time for him so he’s going to have to suffer and devour my work when he gets home. Tomorrow is vegetable day. The real test. I know I’ll be able to handle it, hopefully he can too. Fortunately I’ll be at work with him during the night so I can help him resist the temptation to eat something else. At least we’ll be able to have that beloved jacket potato when we get home.

Joel has taken my mouse and mousepad next door. Now I’m using keyboard shortcuts and the Windows Accessibility option that converts the numeric keypad into a makeshift mouse pointer. Unfortunately it doesn’t explain how the mouse buttons are meant to work on it and I’m persisting with trial and error. It’s better than nothing, that’s for sure.

I want more money so that I can hire someone to clean for me. I never would actually do that, but it’d be comforting to know that the option is feasible.

We bought 2 bottles of Kahlua and 2 bottles of vodka for $100 yesterday. I think we saved about $40 or so. Not too bad. We have something to look forward to at the end of the week, now.


19 thoughts on “Diet.

  1. That’s fancy.

    “I walked up King street to express post puyobe’s mail from Air Services and spent $10 for the privilege.”

    Fishing for remuneration, huh?

    You don’t need diet soup! You have man-a-rexia now you are sooooo little.

  2. i was trying the same goddamn diet. but i don’t like crunchyness of the veggies, so i blended it and it seriously feels like i’m going to throw up everytime i drink it. i suck and i quit.

  3. That makes me feel sick just thinking about it.

    The soup gets a bit unbearable anyway. It’s a mental challenge!

  4. Your use of deodourant as opposed to deodorant is fancy as is your use of unjustice rather than injustice in an earlier post.

  5. Red, you left me wondering… and it’s not nice to leave people dangling.
    You can’t just use a phrase like:
    ‘…went outside after applying my new Gillette deodourant which during application feels like it’s not going to work,’ without telling us if it did work, maybe other people who spell ‘deodorant’ with that crazy extraneous ‘u’ would like to know if they should, or shouldn’t, buy that anti-perspirant; or if you just ending stinking of B.O.!

  6. But cliffhangers bring people back! :)

    I think it works. I don’t know. My sense of smell is atrociously poor, but I can detect a gentle Gillette fragrance coming off my body when I’m wearing it. As to whether or not it masks BO, I’ll get a report for you.

    I also have some new cologne. Versace Blue Jeans. Something like that. I’ve always wanted to smell like an effeminate cowboy. Now’s my chance! Yeehaw!

    By the way, they based Brokeback Mountain on tofu and I.

  7. Versace Blue Jeans smells kinda yummy, but, yes, maybe a little effeminate. Sounds perfect for ya!
    I knew you and tofu had something going…
    You two always had lilts in your voice when you were speaking with each other on teamspeak. I always told you all that I would have paid to see some of that boy on boy action!

  8. I wore some. I smelt like Heath Ledger. tofu is my Jake.

    If I knew you were paying I would have set up a webcam sooner!

    He just got back here from Melbourne, actually. We’re sitting here with our shirts off. $5/minute to watch.

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