Fuck that was fun. My head is splitting and my shoes are broken, but fuck it was fun.

Full report tomorrow when I can see.

Oh yeah. I’m 23 now. Damn.

Happy (belated) Australia Day! Happy (belated) Big Day Out!

We stole 3 more pint glasses from Kelly’s pub. Stay tuned, kids!


35 thoughts on “BDO.

  1. that comment should be happy early birthday because it’s still Jan. 26 over here, but oh well *retracts comment* :D have a good one still

  2. We spotted loux2, times two.

    Me once in the wristband line and then Felicity saw her walking through the stand we were sitting in, we were so proud of ourselves.

    Oh and Happy “motherfucking” Birthday to you!

  3. as per above, Happy birthday! We’re getting old!

    I fly away tomorrow so will see you in a few years yeah! Good luck with job hunting dude!

  4. Happy Birthday, Knobby McKnobberson!

    I will stay tuned until the next episode in which you receive a lifetime ban from the establishment for stealing glassware. And you cry. Lots.

  5. You totally make it sound like we are stalkers who lurk in the shadows and wait for people from the internet to appear. Oh wait, that’s exactly who we are. Creepy!

  6. We do.

    Remember that time when you saw redknob and tofu showering together in their Newtown digs? Those days are gone now sadly.

  7. Thanks!

    So far, so good. There’s enough pubs around here for me to get banned from each of them one after the other and then return to the original hotel where they would have forgotten my face due to the extent of my absence, thereby allowing me inside only to pilfer once more!

  8. Too late! I’m already here! It’s cold!
    My new LJ is at Slightly dull, but nevertheless

  9. I like it. Sweet simplicity.

    No fair, why do you get all the fun!

    It’s hot here so depending on what you dislike most you might be happy you’ve gone.

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