I applied for two more jobs today. I even wrote a cover letter for one. Ha! Yes, I only bother for the ones that make you. I like to pretend I can abuse the “optional” tag next to the Cover Letter text field on the online applications.

I really need to put my name down at a temp agency or something.

The final round of netball is on tonight! If we win I think we get into the semi-finals. Maybe. We’re currently placed fourth, which is weird. Yay?

Somehow I’ve tried to eat somewhat respectably this week, yet I’ve gained weight. I stole 5 schooner glasses from Kelly’s Pub up the road to celebrate. Woo!

I miss Salesi. :(


19 thoughts on “Career?

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  2. job hunting sux so bad. i remember applying for jobs and just wanting to make a cover letter saying ‘hi i want this fucking job, give it to me ok?’

    you should join a temp agency, more chances that way. but goodluck

  3. Ain’t job hunting just fun? I know the feeling as I’m in the same process at the moment.

    Hmm, I might try a temp agency. That’s a good idea.

  4. Temp agencies are all I can be bothered with. Cover letter are so mundane! Hello?! Like I want to write a cover letter for every individual position and waste my time when they will probably look at my resume and not even read it anyhow.

  5. <<< fatphil

    man just do what i did with cover letters and have a generic one, start to build it up, with just bits you can plug in when a position asks for some skill set or knowledge. You'll be surprised at how quickly you build up a template with info just to swap in on a whim, especially if you are applying for a few jobs a week. If i was responsible for hiring someone, there is no way i could be bothered with someone who couldn't be bothered with a cover letter…

  6. Yeah I know. I think it just shows my mentality with actually getting a new job. :/

    I really need to just sit down some time and make all the magic happen.

  7. That’s what I do. Have a file ‘RICoverLetter’ that I change. The dates and most of it autoformat when I open it, so it’s basic things like the name and company, the position, and little things I have to change. Otherwise it stays the same. Nice and professional.

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