I bought my own webcam on Tuesday so I don’t have to fight with Scott over the other one. We have the same models. How cute.

The only decent picture I took during my masturbatory (figuratively, so far) photo shoot came out looking like this:

I find it appropriate.


10 thoughts on “Losercam.

  1. when I was about 11 years old I decided that I was going to be a superhero

    but then I realised that going to the gym everyday in order to have a batman body and knowledge of martial arts and science was all too much work

  2. Only because I can’t find a spandex costume that feels like “the one”.

    At least it gives me a chance to work on my moon tan.

  3. Your moon tan just doesn’t do you justice. It will be a while before you hit the cover of Men’s Health now.

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