Either Scott left a bag at the checkout or the checkout guy didn’t give it to us. I’ve paid for goods I didn’t receive! The only two things in that bag I can think of at the moment is my big bottle of Berri Orange juice and my little 3 ball Lindt assorted chocolate pack. :( I was looking forward to those choccies.

It’s only $5 wasted if that’s all we left behind. They could actually be in the boot of my car but I’m too lazy to go and check. I went bowling today and then had my actionball game in the afternoon. We lost. :( 30-20. Oh well.

I’m feeling quite tired today and I think it’s partly due to having a few big nights in the last week and also to do with eating nothing but fast food since Friday night. All that high GI stuff, isn’t it? Who cares.

Scott’s looking up pictures of Power Rangers. I’ll leave it at that.


11 thoughts on “Woolworths.

  1. You should have gone back, or else called the store. They keep the bags left behind aside, or so my sister tells me.

    That said, I probably wouldn’t have bothered.

    Oh and the bachelor life is serving you both well it seems.

  2. Yeah tofu said we should ask flissy what the protocol is. Even though it’s only a 5 minute drive away we’d lost the impetus. Woolworths are profiting from their mistakes! Fuckers.

    I suppose it may be. If dodgy fast food is your thing, that is.

  3. Natalie is half right! After a few hours or so, depending on how busy or whether or not the items left behind are perishable, they get put back on the shelves. Usually you can only get back the groceries if the checkout boy/girl writes down every item left behind inside an exercise book creatively entitled “Left Behind Book.” If you felt so inclined you could phone up or ask at the service desk – I’m sure they’ll be “happy” to help. Oh, it’s also best if you still have your receipt, although not totally necessary. Isn’t that exciting?!

    I’m really vigilant about making sure people take their bags. I even run after them with their left behind bags, often making it to Baker’s Delight before dying. That’s why I was the recipient of a Coles Service Excellence Award back in ’03. Customer Service, it’s all about taking that extra step, y’know? Teehee.

    We sell these mini-packets of hokkien noodles that have “Bachelor Pack” written on the packaging. I laugh when people buy them. You guys should buy some.

  4. Hmm. I still have the receipt. Surely 3 days is too late, though?

    I wish we had checkout chicks at the Marrickville Woolworths who match your standards for customer service. I feel like things would have been different if that was the case.

    We’re not bachelors! We’re in a loving relationship with each other!

  5. Probably toffee. He tends to get black chickpeas more often than I do.

    I’m probably not a good judge, though. My sense of smell is non-existant for noxious gases. Honest. Ask anyone. I’m probably going to suffocate to death in a room full of fart gas or something and have no idea why. Unless I pre-emptively guess, like now.

  6. No I have a conscience for farting. I only fart in unpopulated directions. Fortunately, I don’t think I produce offensive odours. I should eat more beans.

  7. Anyone. Then again, my sense of smell is poor. Maybe I’m killing people without realising it. That’d be a good story for the grandkids.

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