Can fucking die.

Jesus Christ.

I finally finished most of my assignment. There’s only one thing I couldn’t get working (and one or two minor bits). Ironically enough, that was the most critical part, yet it’s only worth 1/8th of the overall mark. Big shit. That part still works, just not well. Everything else is ok, although the interface is a bit ugly.

Yes, I had to make a database for uni. I left it til the last minute because I thought we’d been given a lot more to work from than we had. Bugger.

A whole day gone for just 10% of a course. I didn’t really learn anything, either. Access has the worst fucking help system, and its interface, considering it’s a “professional” application, is even worse than the one I created.

Bleh. Whatever. I just have to show it off tomorrow and that’ll be that. I also have to get up and go to my Project Management lecture. Wowee.

I have to start going to my other lectures. It’s nearing crunch time.

Poor old Nick is snoring on the futon and the clacky keys on this keyboard are waking him up. Oh, yeah, he didn’t die. His girlfriend became ill after she had her drink spiked at the Bachelor & Spinster ball they went to on the weekend (why a couple would go to that, I don’t know). He spent an extra day up there and had no reception on his mobile. Dramatic.

My video card’s back on the purple bars again. Stupid video memory. I’d take it back and get it replaced, but I’m lazy and don’t really care. I’m kind of used to having purple/pink bars and lines all over the screen. That’s how long it’s been happening and how long I’ve put up with it. Woot.

I saw Star Wars on Tuesday night with Scott and Nick. It wasn’t bad. Quite good, really. I enjoyed it much, much more than episodes 1 and 2. Yes, I sound like everyone else who’s reviewed it. I guess that’s consensus for you. There’s one scene where Obi Wan is watching Anakin slap up Padme at the end, with his hands on his hips as he stands above the stairs coming down from the ship… Words cannot describe how hilarious his pose was. Scott and I both cracked up simultaneously, then looked at each other in the theatre, then started laughing again. It’s fun to be tainted.