<@dot|redknob> hi
<@dot|orchard> mornin!
<@dot|redknob> i dreamt i shot myself in the head 3 times with an m16 last night and fell off my balcony
<@dot|redknob> sup
<@dot|haste> !
<@dot|redknob> but i was arnie from commando
<@dot|orchard> i have dreams where someone is chasing me, then i get over it and chase whoever it is back
<@dot|orchard> ..
<@dot|baest0r> lol.
<@dot|redknob> killing myself so that john matrix thought i was dead and wouldn't kill everyone else for the rest of the movie
<@dot|haste> i dreamt we rolled yoy and blew up their command post in the flag spawn on radar :/ theres no cp there
<@dot|redknob> because arnie could have killed him earlier or something
<@dot|haste> dreamed*?
<@dot|redknob> and the bullets didn't go in to my head properly or something so i survived
<@dot|redknob> whatever
<@dot|haste> lol
<@dot|redknob> i have brain damage
<@dot|redknob> go easy

Oh, and good morning to you all.


2 thoughts on “Pop.

  1. I was in the army in my dream last night. And there was some party in the jungle that all the army people were going to party at. But it was embarrassing because my parents came to pick me up from the party and I was dressed in pyjamas. But I told some of the army people that I didn’t like big parties, and preferred smaller gatherings. And then I got lost in some shopping centre where the army people were partying.

    Then I was playing some dodgy looking racing computer game that looked like Outrun (except I could shoot the cars in front of me). Then I got to the city where everyone looked like lego people and I could change my appearance into shadowman, ninjaman, spyman, and other guises. Then I was rolling in a mattress when Darth Vader, Megatron or some evil guy walked into the room. I told him that I’d developed a machine to develop unlimited energy and break the second law of thermodynamics, so he spared my life.

    Then there was something about a girl from the village saying she was pregnant to me, and then I was back in the shopping centre with the partying army people, but not before jumping around outside Parramatta with Princess Peach and Yoshi.

    Yeah, I have weird dreams.

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