The men’s shot put final owned. Good old shot put. :D

Anlezark was disappointing, though. He seemed to be totally psyched out. It was clear that he wasn’t a medal contender, but to make the top 8 and be the most successful Aussie shot putter ever one would have thought he’d just go balls-out and throw like a mad man when he got his final 3 throws – it’s not like he had anything to lose. Instead he went soft and failed to perform. Oh well.

The guy who ended up winning it was awesome, and deserved it. He threw 21.15m twice then finished up with 21.16m to tie with the American leader on the same distance, but with 5 other fouls. The winner (I forget his country :s) won on count back. His consistency was solid enough that he earnt it fairly in my opinion.

I suppose it’s really only the field events I care about at the olympics. I somewhat take back my previous statement.

I’m still drinking white Russians. Good old Lebowski. Mmm. Need to buy more vodka and Kahlua.


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