is hot.

I’m thinking of dropping one of my subjects before the August 31st cut-off date. I can’t work out the C programming in it. It’s really pissing me off, because the rest of the concepts in the course I’m fine with – it’s just this programming assignment that has me rooted. I’m waiting on my tutor to reply to my email but if he doesn’t get me on track in time I’ll just have to cull the bastard (and the course).

I really should write my own post again. I think I’ll steal this stuff, it’s gold.

Apart from that, my cat is still sleeping on my mousepad regularly while I’m at the computer. I’m surprised actually that he doesn’t leave more hairs lying around to confuse the lens on my optical mouse. He must be discretely considerate. What a good little chap.

A fun distraction, if you can be bothered playing it daily: Funeral Quest. I’m trying to get tofu to put our own version up on the dot server. Here’s hoping he’s not too busy with SCRABBLE.

I have a mozzie bite next to my right nipple I think. Maybe it’s just a third nipple I never noticed. I’m sticking to the mozzie story. Itchy bastard.

I’ve set up rednut (my other PC) to do some distributed computing projects like protein folding and SETI@home. Otherwise he wouldn’t be doing a whole lot.

For some reason, kos, morg and tofu’s results aren’t coming through at all for the protein folding. It’s really weird that all three of them are getting binked. Hopefully it fixes itself up. I made a dot team for the folding, and joined the OCAU team for SETI@home, as no one else seemed interested in doing it with me. :'(

Saw Chandler last Tuesday and again on the Saturday. Was good to catch up with him finally. Saturday was pretty fun, we just chilled out and later caught up with Benecke and Byrne. We didn’t really get a chance to see the Wallabies lose, which is probably a good thing on what I heard about their performance. Later on I finished watching Starship Troopers back at Chandler’s until 2am or so. That movie rocked, I always meant to see it years ago but never got around to it.

On Sunday Lou and I went to Crows Nest again for a double date with Laura and Alex. We hit up Pinos (it was packed out to the BULLSHIT) and I stuffed myself on gnocchi then we dropped in to Bravo’s for some gelato. Mark was working there so we had a nice chat to him over our icecream. Mmm. The gnocchi was good but it had nothing on the bonar chicken burger from Chooka’s Chicken up the road that I had on Saturday! My god was that tasty. I’m so going back for another one soon. Maybe I’ll take Lou there to show her what I was talking about. I’m salivating at the thought. God damn.

Have to go in to uni tomorrow for a meeting about my INFS3020 project, it’ll take all of 5 minutes I’m sure. Maybe I’ll swing by Crows Nest with Lou for a chicken burger while she’s killing time for work or something. The only problem with this is that it means I’ll have to try and find a park at uni. Maybe I’ll be in luck since it’ll be Thursday and all. Hrmm.

I always get a bit self conscious about the song that comes up in my post (when I’m listening to one). I get self conscious when I have to talk about what music I like listening to, as I feel people are always judged on their tastes (I know I do it :s). Not to mention people always go on about defining genres, etc. I’m crap at that. I like plenty of music, I just don’t like talking about it. SO THERE. Some songs I have at random but I feel they’re a bit too “trendy” to be a fair indication of my taste, so I’ll skip it until a cooler one comes up for my post. I bet I’m not the only person who does this. Anyway…

I’m sure everyone will respect me for the song I have selected. Out.


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  1. hehehe, i do that too.
    Although i do have remnants of andrew’s song choices on my playlist, such as bloody jessica simpson and crap hiphop/rap/shit stuff.
    Sometimes i try to match a song with my mood.


    we should get chicken burger.

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