I’ve never been that in to the olympics. Big whoop I say. I’d be more interested if it was pro-doping just so I could see some freaks owning everything. Oh well.

I haven’t written in here for a while, I’m in a winter-lazy mood. Yes, that’s even lazier than my regular lazy mood/lifestyle. Yes. Bubs wont shut up about the China versus Cuba women’s volleyball either. ><

Uni work is starting to build up its pressure on my conscience. Maybe I should start doing some. :s

Winesoc dinner tomorrow night. In Newtown at Thai Land. Should be good. $30 for a good meal with wine included. Quite a few friends coming too so it should be a fun one. Fortunately I have uni in the morning on Friday as well! YES!

My arm hurts I cbf writing more. Ladedah.


One thought on “Olympzzz.

  1. I remember an article Shaun Micallef did in a newspaper about the olympics (at the time, the Sydney games).

    One of his suggestions was another special olympics, like the paralympics, called the ‘enabled olympics’ where all the athletes are doped up and allowed to do whatever they want. I’d watch that too.

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