I really should listen to more of this Lou Reed stuff… Had it sitting here for a while but never paid a whole lot of attention to it… There’s something so laid back about some of it when it’s 1:45 AM and your vision is blurry and you want to go to sleep.

Seeing Chandler on Saturday, should be good fun to catch up with him again. We’re gonna Arnie it up and maybe throw in some Futurama for good measure.

Won another CoD match tonight… My writeups own. >_>

Oh yeah, let’s try this out (been meaning to since I first started this LJ but never bothered experimenting with it): …test? Bet I fucked it. I’ll just chuck something in an edit to prove a point because I’m curious now. :/

Acquired Far Cry the other day… It’s only average compared to the hype. Haven’t tried the multiplayer yet, but I’m not expecting much. The new patch should make it nicer, and it has PunkBuster support already which is cool. Still, the SP component doesn’t fell terrificly smooth in the engine, and the aiming feels a bit retarded at times… I guess I should try it out first though… Might need to “acquire” some help to get it working with the 1.1 patch though. Time to check a few more torrents sites out for “ideas” methinks…

Uni is starting to heat up. I can handle two of my three subjects. The third one is just one of those retarded literature-reviewing style subjects, revolved around research problems and crap like that. Unfortunately I need to do it for my project in second semester (that I’ll either do this year or next year… Maybe this year since I’m doing the ?pre-course work now), so I think I just lose outright.

I need to do some more shoutcasts. I’m just so busy these days. It’s good though, I like being busy. I think the last year or so was bad in the fact that I had too much free time. I suppose on the other hand it was a good thing, though… Helped me realise I really do prefer being busier and getting involved in more things. :)

I feel bad about the 21 and LoA guys though… I’m hardly there to help them in ET and RTCW respectively… Well, I’m not there at all to be honest. I would be if I had the time though… Hope they realise. :/

Wonder how 4saken is going… Haven’t really caught up with him in ages. I should hassle him to go to ivLAN, even though I know he wont. From memory he mentioned on the LoA forums that he’s going to be a bookworm this year anyway… I suppose that means he hasn’t updated his crappy (;)) little journal on his Optus webspace… Well, I suppose he HAS at least posted once this year. I give him extra credit points for the cute turtle photos. ^_^ I suppose I should harass him to change the title of the link he has to my page… No more Fortress of Disinterest! I think I’ll change the title of mine again actually, read on for complaints never had the ring to it that I was hoping for; afterall, I did whip it up in the early hours of the morning one time…

Hey this is a pretty big post. I quit.


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