Eye is still sore. Apparently it’s looking up from here though.

Saw Lou today, we did half of our ISYS3113 assignment. Woot. It’s gonna blow to do the rest but it shouldn’t be too hard…

Don’t think I’ll be bothering with my special consideration form for missing my tute today for ISYS3015… Was a bit homax that I couldn’t find the article I needed anyway. Maybe I’ll spend some time this weekend or an afternoon soon finding and printing out all the article so I don’t forget later on… Or finding them in the library if I have to. Hrm. I couldn’t have gotten a form from dad anyway: the bastards wont accept it.

Just spent a few minutes trying to work out why my playlist or mIRC’s MP3 player was only playing a handful of songs, then realised it was in filter mode under “some”… I think Lou must have noobed it or something… Oh well. Not really sure but it doesn’t matter now.

Got David’s 21st tomorrow night. Should be good. Hope dad finally cracks out the cigars I bought him from Abu Dhabi, I want to have a bash at them! Wonder if I’ll hit hte piss hard with David… I think I’m obliged to. ;)

I’m pretty bored right now. Andrew is hyped about being a dotmaen I think. hehe. He’s very CoD happy. :o

I really need to rip the rest of my music CDs on to my PC… Boost up the collection some. I also need to find some other music to dabble with on my eardrums… Hrmm. Torrent time perhaps, some time soon!


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