Guess I don’t really quit, REDKNOB JUST CAN’T QUIT!!!


Firstly, the link to Lou worked! OMFG WOW

Secondly, all the Cure mp3s I got were MIDI with the vocals from the songs played over the top… wtf? I have all the proper versions somewhere anyway, was just hoping I’d get some nice quality random ones in the pile. :/

Thirdly, I just realised I don’t need to change the title, it’s the little sub-title I want to change (wow).

Finally, I wanted to put a mood on this post (as per usual) but I forgot (as per usual), so here goes, even though my mood has changed since the original post for some reason (and I have become more blurred in vision :/).

— edit —-

Can’t edit my original one, just spent 20 minutes trying to fix it up and what not, along with waiting for LJ’s servers to work again. That’s why the final point doesn’t make sense.



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