Stupid car died again. Drained the guts out of the battery. wd. It’s either the alternator or the fan belt, my parents have speculated. Great news. Something like that at least…

Lou left this arvo, I saw her off then that’s when my car died, right after her parents left with her. Took 2 hours for dad to turn up and take me home, instead of 30 minutes like he said. Real cool.

Along with that, Ryde council has decided to make one entire side of Lyon Park road a no parking zone (the street that I work on). It wouldn’t be a problem if there wasn’t already a severe parking shortage in that area, so now with an extra 30-40 cars without anywhere to park it’ll be really really fun going to work.

To top it all off, I just realised I wont be able to play our semi and grand final for ET (assuming we win the semi of course, which I believe we will) because I’ll be overseas.

Now I have to get up at 6am or some bullshit so dad can take me over to my broken down car (we had no choice but to leave it near Lou’s), jump start it with the old, charged up battery, and get it back home so someone can fix it.


Oh, I suppose the only good thing that happened today was that the people at work decided to have a belated party for me. Someone brought in a chocolate cake and I scored $100 in vouchers for Macquarie shopping centre! :O

The card was cool, too. :)