Sweaty. Blergh.

I leave in a few days for my trip. :o

Been getting emails from Lou, seems she’s having fun. Also doing a few fun things of various descriptions it seems. :o

I’ve started downloading the Smallville episodes that I’ve missed out on these last few weeks. The order that they’ve finished downloading has been backwards though, so it’s a little confusing to follow the story since I can’t be bothered waiting for them all to arrive before I watch them. :)

Also got NFL2004. It’s pretty cool. Takes about an hour to do a 20 minute match though. :/ Gaybo.

Work in the morning, I’m so sick of it. Meh. Hopefully the holiday will do me good. I think it’s really the hot weather and late nights that are hurting me the most though… Although I’m getting pretty bored at work anyway. I suppose everyone does though.

Can’t wait til Thursday, just wanna get away for a while, and hear Lou’s stories about the naughty stuff she’s been up to. :P I hate it when I get left out with what she’s doing, then have to wait to get the details as well. Guess it’s my guardian instinct. :P

Maybe I should rename to Clarke Kent!

Maybe not.