Belated at least.

Last Tuesday (omg a week ago!) I turned 21! :O

Was a boring birthday, no one at work remembered (hurrah :/) and didn’t get too many sms ?messages (is that how you say it?) to my phone, or even phone calls. Loulou remembered though. :)

The Triple J Hottest 100 (on the 25th like I was whinging about) was faget for the most part. Gay Bar didn’t even break the top 20 from memory. :(

Been playing Call of Duty a lot recently, and finally getting some ET pracs in. Hurrah.

Also scored a router for my birthday from one of my godparents :D so finally I don’t have to leave dad’s noisy beast running to get online.

Oh yeah, my Spider-Man birthday cake ($300! :O) was so leet. Gonna get pics up soon. Man it was sooooooo bonar. Lime flavoured too. ;)

Let’s see… Called a sickie for work today, well not really a sickie just said I wont be coming in. I don’t know what that qualifiers under. Honesty? I don’t know… I rarely ever call saying I’m sick if I want a day off… Besides, I’ve been working my arse off at SDS this last week and I think I deserve some play time. :)

I really should go to bed now and get some rest. Hmm. I was thinking the same thing last night, then I played Final Fantasy 7 for a couple of hours instead. BitTorrents are good. :D

I got a reasonable amount in to FF7’s storyline when I first played it, but then it had a bug in it that stopped me progressing any further and I had to give up. :( bgz

Salesi sits on this desk when I’m on the PC and he’s lonely. It’s so cute having him curled up and snoring away right in front of me. Such a cool cat. :D

Mmm. Think I might look up some old FF sites. ;o


One thought on “Birthday!

  1. “Was a boring birthday”
    oi, i took you out :p

    “Gay Bar didn’t even break the top 20 from memory. :(”
    so not so ‘faget’ it seems ;)

    see you tonight about 20 mins :o

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