We lost to Y*Y 2-1 on Radar. ><

Once again having absolutely no proper practise before the game has fucked us up. We came so close many times but kept fucking ourselves up due to noob mistakes.

Hopefully we'll get our act together and actually do some training before the game against another team (how unusual, I know) and beat the buggers once and for all in the GA final.

Another match, this time for GA, against afx on Goldrush. We'd better smack these buggers around as well just to show we're still up there.

I'm just so frustrated that we've lost to Y*Y in both our last two games against them now, and both times we've run different strats with people in different positions without praccing at ALL. I just KNOW we should have beaten them both times, and we've only lost simply because of those reasons: lack of practise of the new strat to learn the nuances etc and how effective it is, and lack of practise in our new positions. We haven't even been able to get a team to play against for weeks and it shows. We're rusty and out of practise and it shits me to tears that it has to happen now at the end of the season when we're playing the most pracced-up and trained team in Australian ET (which used to be us) and only JUST losing to them… Yes, only just, and we haven't even been praccing.


So yeah, Y*Y better watch out, because when we get our groove on and actually dedicate some time to ET again like we used to, we're going to roll them so hard the game will be over in under 20 minutes in the grand final.