Funny shit.

Yeah I thought I’d chuck something else in again, since it’s been so long between regular updates… Not that they were that regular anyway.

CoD is going alright, I’m getting the hang of the guns in it more now, along with how to move around properly to suit their use. Can’t stand playing SD mode in pubs though. TDM all the way. :D

AussieClans ET final tomorrow (well, tonight technically) night… Against Y*Y. Should be fun. The dotmaens haven’t been taking ET as seriously these last few weeks/months… Considerably less pracs and pub time and less interest over all. Still, it’d be nice to put on a good match and get back at Y*Y after they had the penny drop their way in our last match on Battery in the GA ladder.

For some reason, triple j are breaking tradition this year and having their hottest 100 on the 25th of January instead of on the 26th, Australia day.

Regardless, the regular crew will be having a little BBQ and pool party at Lou’s place, according to our own tradition. :)

Fark I’m 21 on Tuesday. ><