Just got home about an hour ago from a bbq at Laura’s… Wrestling is fun. :D I have a few cuts and grazes but it’s all good… Such good exercise hehe.

Boring old week. Lou got Purge for me by Bif Naked, off ebay. :) Haven’t listened to it yet.

Ross’ mum is staying with us for a couple of days. She’s cool. My mum is going on her overseas trip on Tuesday… Wonder if she’ll bring me back some cool stuff.

I think I got a bit sunburnt at the bbq, hmm.

I’m so sick of work. heh. I hate my hours but anyway. I piked on Mary this morning, was meant to go to the drop zone with Emma and Lou to see her do some skydiving. She’s gonna be so cut and give me so much shit at work tomorrow for not going. Bah, I’ll just blame Emma. Yeah that’ll cut it.

Ross still bitches if I don’t do the washing up straight away… Fairy. hehe

Hmmmmmmm I could really go for… I don’t know, something. Hmm.


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