Keep on up!

Damn Cam has made me feel guilty now that he has his own journal… Of course it’s not as pro as mine. :D

Hmm let’s see, what’s happened of late.

Friday night saw Kirsty’s 21st, was an 80s theme… I couldn’t find any damn 80s style clothes (I was going to go Richard Simmons style with the funky exercise attire) but I scored 2 shitty singlets from a Chinese junk shop… Yay? At least the CDs I made were good… It’s always nice having 20 gigs of mp3s to pick the best 80s party songs from.

On Saturday I trekked up to Newcastle with Ian (SyntaxTerror) for ex (or inactive as he says) dotmaen Jonny-Hero’s (delerium) 21st… Caught up with Scotty (tofu) as well, then went out and partied on the town… Christ I even cut up the dance floor a little. Look out world, I’m out and about and I’m GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVY!

Or not. Hrm…

Some gay dude tried to buy Jonny a drink. ^_^

Bummed around in Newcastle on Sunday arvo with them, cept Scott cuz he was playing There most likely… :o There’s some funky Sydney inner-westesque places in that town. Jolly good.

Ross’ mum is staying with us again, they’re both off to Shanghai or something tomorrow. House to myself! Woot! I’m gonna be so hungry. :/

1500/256 ADSL came in on the 20th. Bonar. So sweet getting near-cable download speeds again. :D

Anyway that’s enough blabbing for the meantime.