Had a bit of a topsy turvy week in dot, accidentally forfeited a RTCW match and then got caught out on a technicality for ET and couldn’t play 4 starters, so we lost the AussieClans grand final. Oops.

I forget if I posted about Elwin’s funeral, I don’t think I did. I got to carry the casket and it was pretty damn heavy… Was a long day but all the services were really nice and everything went smoothly, so that’s good. Mum sent them a card that I got to sign so yeah…

Grandpa’s ashes got scattered the Sunday before as well. Was just a quiet little day up at the shack… Only my parents, Glen from next door and cousin Brett and I were there. Nothing special. We tipped a beer in to the lake for him though. :)

Also doesn’t look like dot is going to CyberX any more… Few things holding us back, having trouble getting a sponsor and looks like the tourney mightn’t be as good as we were expecting… So yeah. Bummer.

At least I got my passport.

I think Cam wants me to refer him a livejournal login or some shit… I don’t think I can though since I already referred Kirsty so she could start that weight loss board thingy with Lou and Luce. Wowee…

Speaking of Kirsty, woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wassup Asren. ^_^

Anyway I’m done. v55


2 thoughts on “Bonjour.

  1. :( bad about the america thing. poor babe
    and the mix ups

    kirsty will have a spare code by now, maybe cam can use hers?

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