Geek nation!

Why not take The Geek Test and see how you go?

I scored “33.72781% – Total Geek”… Oh great feelings!

If you think that’s good, guess who got “42.80355% – Major Geek”? I wont tell, I’ll just say it’s some old man. ^_^

Ringo is in Sydney tonight… I’m gonna take him to Paddy’s and show him how r0x0r Sydney meets are… Dunno how many will show though with the short notice and all. Maybe they’ll just hide because he’s from Melbourne, I dunno. :o

On a more serious note… Elwin died this morning. :( Not exactly sure what happened yet, I think he got an illness or something and his body couldn’t fight it off or something. Haven’t been able to get on the phone to mum or dad yet (gg both having their mobiles turned off >_<) but I'll keep trying… He didn't seem too poorly at his 21st the other night. I guess things just happen.



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