Money matters muchly.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I’m poor again!

Paid the rent, paid for passport, paid for petrol and paid for a Belkin SpeedPad and it came with a game mouse… They’re both pretty cool I guess. I just wanted something smaller than a keyboard to play with, because I can’t fit my mouse and keyboard on this desk properly.

The keyboard still rapes the SpeedPad for RTCW, imho at least, so unfortunately I don’t know if I’ll bother using this thing after all… :/ Still, it could come in handy for something else. It’s certainly a useful piece of equipment, it’s just not optimised for how I want to use it though, compared to how the keyboard handles wolfies… Oh well.

Going to another winesoc dinner tonight. Lloyd just got here finally, so we might be able to go. Wow.

Man I need to get my car serviced… Bleh.

Oh and two cool things to mention:

1) Lou got on the radio talking to Robbie Buck (triple j) about Something For Kate… Ugh…
2) Lou got my tickets to see Weird Al in concert when he tours here later this year. :D



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