Juno is shitty and beyond overrated

Really. It is. Why are so many people so far up its arse?

Apparently these are the only reviewers with any sort of sense.

Sure, it had funny parts but it really does try too hard. Read the reviews above, they sum up what I think.

Also, while I’m on it, I Am Legend was actually decent until the fucking woman and kid turned up, even if it did drift a mile from the book of the same name (which I enjoyed, by the way).

Lastly, Starship Troopers (the book) was interesting, if somewhat hollow. Bugger the movie.

Yes, I do read!


Lara Croft goes bust

In an attempt to appeal to more female players the creators of computer game icon Lara Croft have re-vamped her image to remove one of her most prominent and remarked- upon features – her generous bust.

In the soon-to-be-released “Tomb Raider: Legend”, the eighth title to feature Croft, her DD-size bust has been reduced to a more modest C-cup and some of her more revealing outfits have been ditched, the report said.

Bad luck for all those low-polygon porn freaks out there.

In other news: I had a pie from Shakespeare’s Jesters (note the distinct lack of an apostrophe). Vegetarian curry with a side of their magnificent chips. I’m very disturbed at their lack of an apostrophe in their name. Fuckers. At least the food is still good.

Uni work is in the second wave of “must complete ASAP” for the semester. That’s the good wave because it means exams are coming soon and that means holidays. Huzzah. Cramming time is yet to be scheduled.

Speaking of schedules, I have to get out of work on the 10th of June for Mary’s Katie’s party. Yes, she changed her name last year. I still prefer Mary. Hmm.

Our “temporary flatmate”, Nick, (or G_o_L_i_A_t_H as he prefers to be called) is yet to arrive back from his weekend up in Newcastle rooting his girlfriend. We haven’t heard anything from him and all his stuff is still on the floor near the kitchen, along with his computer. I hope he’s alright. He hasn’t been answering his phone. His mum hasn’t rung us, either. She knows our phone number so I’d assume if she knew something had happened we’d have been called by her at least. Then again if something’s happened on the way home on Sunday night, maybe no one knows about it. I’m avoiding thinking about the possibilities until I hear more. He wasn’t at work today, too.


Another great reason to buy in to MMORPGs:

Online gamer charged with killing competitor

Qiu Chengwei, 41, went on trial on Tuesday in a Shanghai court on charges that he stabbed to death Zhu Caoyuan, a fellow player of a popular game called Legend of Mir III, the China Daily newspaper said.

Qiu confronted Zhu after learning that he sold the virtual weapon lent to him by Qiu to another player, the newspaper said. It said Qiu reported the loss of the “Dragon Saber” to police but they said it wasn’t real property protected by the law.

And if that wasn’t enough:

Exabyte, the new megabyte

Here’s a scary thought: at the moment, most of the world’s telephone calls are ephemeral – as soon as the words are spoken, they are lost. But storage capacity is now so great, and cost so low, that it is becoming feasible to store all telephone conversations on computer disk.

With the increased requirements for audit trails for compliance, the real and artificial imperatives of the war on terrorism, and the increased sophistication of data mining software that can analyse digitised voice patterns, can this be far away?

And since when did have 41 friends? Man, none of mine even post in their journals so there’s only about 2-3 things to read on the friends page every now and then.

Perhaps I should get more e-social.