This post was inspired by palmy’s return.

I’ll give a quick summary again, as it’s been nearly 2 months (what a surprise).

Emily and I broke up in July. It was a bit messy but now it’s done. She went to Germany with her dad and I went to Berlin the week before on my own. I had a great time there, actually. I met some guys that offered me jobs and was close to accepting them until Hugo offered me a pay rise and more stuff to do here.

Sure, I’d probably make more money in Berlin doing stuff but I still love my Tallinn. I was considering even getting a proper job here for some firm like HP or Skype or something. Hostel life is still more appealing at the moment though.

Anyway, yeah. Berlin was fantastic. One of my new favourite cities. I’m definitely heading back there some time… Maybe March next year for a month or two. It’s possible to rent apartments in the city for 115 euro/month. Tempting.

We had about 14 staff in the hostel in July. More than half left. We should be getting a few more soon, hopefully. It’s been fairly hectic on the farewell party scene of late, but fun.

I went to a folk music festival in Viljandi, a town in southern Estonia. The population of the place doubles for the four days of the festival, basically. It was really good fun. I camped out in the festival grounds in a shitty little tent and it only slightly flooded, so I was satisfied. The range of music was actually quite broad, and some other guys organised after-parties in a concert hall nearby each night. I really want to go again next year.

Oh, yeah, I finally went to Tartu, as well. Twice now. The first was for another one day festival that some of us hitchhiked to, then didn’t bother going into the place. We sat outside in a playground for most of the day instead. That was probably more fun, in the end. The second time was for a university party which was fairly tame… Partly because it wasn’t very big and partly because almost everyone spoke Estonian. Which is fair enough…

Speaking of speaking Estonian, I’m learning! Finally. It took me 10 months or so but I can now count and say numbers and also the days of the week. Basics, but basics I never actually had to use before. I’m getting a few more sentences and phrases ingrained as well. It’s fun. Too bad it’s almost impossible to replicate the vowel sounds, especially with an Australian accent. Ah well.

The hostel actually has a little bar now in the basement, too. Don’t tell anyone though. It’s a secret. We’re also owners of what used to be the second hand store and baby shop underneath now, so we can knock out some walls and connect the whole hostel together. We’ll move reception and the bar into there, too. I can’t wait, because it’s going to rock.

Last night I went to some multi-band concert called Polymer. There were about 10 bands playing throughout the night but I didn’t stay for them all. The venue was basically an abandoned factory out in the suburbs which is actually meant to be condemned. There were artworks and paintings and sculptures all over the place on display and all these funky little rooms. Reminded me so much of Tacheles in Berlin. Ahh, happy times.

Alright, enough crap for now. I’ve kind of stopped uploading photos onto my website because I use Facebook more and it’s faster than this host but perhaps I’ll slap up a few selections later on.



I’ve gotta get myself a Russian visa…

I’ve also got to determine a place to go to on the 11th of July. Berlin, perhaps.

Em and her dad are hitting up Germany in the next few weeks, so I’ll most likely go along. Maybe a week early.

I’m still feeling homesick, in a weird way. It’s probably because I don’t know what to do at the moment, so just going home sounds very tempting. Then again, it’s mostly the food that I miss… I think?

Fuck it. I don’t know. I don’t really care. Blah blah blah. I’m not even sure what I’m saying.

Anyway. Tallinn’s still nice. The sun never sets here now. It’s pretty trippy. Really buggers up your body clock. It can be 11:30pm before you realise it and then you’re still not tired.

There’s still so many Australians around here. It’s kinda funny.

I’m gonna make cheese and salami toasted sandwiches now. I might have a beer, too. Rockin’.


Forgot about this thing for a while… Well, I’ve been thinking to write for a day or three, just haven’t bothered.

So bored.

I’m reading A Time To Kill. Maybe I should keep reading it instead of sitting around bored.

I sold my copy of FFXI to Dozer, to aid him in his lack of life. ;) Even express posted it and everything! :P

Been hitting up BitTorrent‘s hardcore this last week or so. Downloaded a few games and apps… Also getting a shitload of Spider-Man comics off it. Cool, huh?

Speaking of file-sharing, been abusing WinMX of late as well. Juicy mp3 action.

Lou had the shits with me earlier because I forgot to get her the Sunday Telegraph with a Something For Kate interview on it. I didn’t even remember until 5pm when all the newsagents shut. Oh well. She’s getting a copy off someone anyway.

Oh yeah, bad luck Saddam.

Let’s see, what else.

Had my work christmas party last week, was pretty good fun, bar the shittiest public transport experience of all time. I didn’t get in to bed until 9:15am the next morning, still half drunk fortunately, otherwise I could have been real shitty.

Bought Lou a present for her birthday, some perfume thingy. Conned her in to buying me a Hulk limited edition DVD box set. Looks bonar to me.

Lloyd hasn’t come round at all now that he’s back with Eri, barely even messages me or Ross on MSN any more. Nice to know when you’re just a back up… Apparently he’s been working 40 hours a week though so I guess it must be impossible for him to do anything. :P I suppose he’s still not as soft as Mr Frank-OMG-I-HAVE-A-JOB-WITH-EARLY-HOURS-I-MUST-SLEEP-AT-9PM-Larkin. Hrm.

Good old MajikShoe has just invited me back to Land of Angels for the new GameArena 4v4 RTCW tourney.

I so own at hypertext.

I forget if I said I re-enrolled at uni. That should be riveting. I hope I spelt that right. I’m really keen on finishing my degree, and trying to save up some money in the mean time (going part time) then try and move overseas to like Germany or Sweden for a few years… Then maybe move on to some other countries out of interest. Lou said she was keen too… Wowee.

Looks like she’s been updating her LiveJournal too. :O Hack it up.


Fuck you summer weather.


I’m going to the UAE in February, with Lou. Gonna see my dad’s cousin, Grant, over there. He took mum around there on her holiday and apparently it has bonar shopping and shizzle. Woot. Gonna stay in Singapore for two nights on the way home as well… She’s staying in Thailand for a few days before I meet her over there. Fun fun.

Also, my Microsoft Intellimouse v3 is dying… Have to keep re-plugging it in because the lights keep going out. :( Using my silly old Belkin Nostromo n30 ball mouse instead… :/ It came with the creative, yet dopey n50 SpeedPad… Man that thing would have owned if it worked properly… Well, maybe not owned but it could have been cool.’

By the way, Cam is a lazy bastard.