Damn it

Ok, this genuinely is for Twitter, but FUCK I ADDED TOO MUCH SALT. Hakklihamaitseaine, actually.

Nachos and alcohol

Seriously. I just made the best nachos ever, combined with a 1.5L bottle of Coca-Cola. Nothing is meant to be this good.

If this wasn’t so important I would have just put it on Twitter. However, it’s rocking.

I'm political

I know ambassadors.

Well, not really. I did mince around with them for a while, though. Sucks to be this cool.

Is this it?

So… This is what it comes to?

Cheap vodka, expensive bitter lemon mixer, fried spicy eggs, buttered toast, Rod Stewart on VH1 and my blog/ScribeFire?

Well. Tonight’s the night. It’s gonna be alright.

I should drink more… Maybe.

I have the most awesome game design ideas/pitches when I am relaxed. Relaxed, due to alcohol, that is.

Maybe; just maybe; if you’re lucky; I’ll explain it later.

Yes, I’ve missed you, too.

P.S. my new flat is fucking sexy.

This would be dole bludging; if I was getting paid for it

Hello, dear reader. I’m sure you’ve noticed my absence of late. Not to worry! I’m only being extraordinarily lazy. Yes, even by my standards.

I’ve been spending time in Tartu for the last week-and-a-half. Mostly in my underwear but sometimes I wear a pair of shorts and a wifebeater singlet. It’s very comfortable. The days are flying by and I’m not really doing anything but the random bit of exercise and spending money irresponsibly. In fact, the only “decent” thing I’ve done is attempt to mail a painting made by Marika and myself to my mother. I’m sure she’ll think it’s crap but as a result of her long-suffering separation anguish it’ll probably be mounted over a fireplace or something.

Tomorrow afternoon I’m going back to Tallinn for the weekend. Little Liisu is having her first birthday! I hope there are streamers. Of course there won’t be, but still.

Crank II is out but I’m yet to see it. Hopefully I can rally up a gang to see it this weekend in Tallinn. I’ve been excited about the release of this film for a long time now. Here’s hoping it’s at least half as a fun as the original.

Yesterday I had a lot of things in my head that I wanted to write about, now I can’t think of them at all. I will blame all the water pipe abuse I have been partaking in.