Boring update with bragging

Hello. I’m going to a concert tonight. Today was fairly bland apart from having a big heater in my short poker session. Below the break are all hand histories against the same player.

I’m currently drinking a 33cL beer of A. Le Coq premium export, purchased from Selver a few days ago. In a 24 pack.

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Quick update:

  • Practically finished the new hostel website. Now we’re just waiting for the domain registration to transfer and for then for the DNS servers to update…
  • I have been listening to live Estonian Idol rehearsals all week.
  • I’ve spent more time in Tartu than in my soon-to-be-moved-out-from flat in the past month-and-a-half.
  • I feel particularly frail and lazy.
  • I need to rob a bank.
  • I’ve had my hair trimmed.
  • I fixed my beard trimmer.
  • Marika is eating a banana.


I just ate 4 cloves of roasted crushed garlic… On lavash bread pizza of course. I can taste it tingling all the way up my saliva glands.

That’s all.