Post calendar

Another plugin-related post.

I installed the latest version of this Ajax Calendar but it seemed to crap itself when it came to linking to posts. Unfortunately it kept trying to attach my WordPress install directory as a prefix to all my permalinks when it didn’t have to. The default version of wp_calendar didn’t have this problem and worked fine, but it wasn’t sexy like Ajax!

The solution was fairly easy, I just removed two of the site prefix + segments from the livecalendar.js file and now it’s working perfectly. Isn’t it nice when things are simple?

Unfortunately, the Quoter plugin I installed isn’t compatible with the threaded comments plugin that Gus has made look so nice on his site. To be honest I don’t know if I even need both of them but I like each for their own reasons. Perhaps I’ll hack away at them some more and see if I can get quotes integrated with threaded comments. It could be cool. Maybe.

Back again

Well, ok, I changed my mind pretty fast. Kinda.

Back with WordPress and now I’m going to get rid of Drupal. Not that I’m unhappy with it, it’s just that now all I really do is blog so WordPress should look after me well enough.

Besides, I like finding things to keep me amused. I’m going to migrate this to the root of the domain tomorrow, probably.

I’ve also changed my gallery to use zenphoto. I’ve tried it before but now it has beta-support for subalbums, so I’m pleased and now I’m using it.

Anyway. Bed time.

Yes, I'm still alive (and dancing)

Ok, so I haven’t really been using this thing much and I know no one really reads it anyway, regardless I’m going to write a bit.

What have I been up to? Well, the run down is something like this:

  • Left Finland at the end of September
  • Loved Tallinn (Estonia) as soon as I arrived
  • Visited Riga (Latvia) with some kids I met in the hostel
  • Came back to Tallinn and started working in the same hostel
  • Visited London for 15 hours a month later on a stopover for Amsterdam
  • Complete inability to recall my time in Amsterdam apart from knowing it was fun
  • Visited Vilnius (Lithuania) to take a photo of the Frank Zappa statue
  • Bussed back to Tallinn for another few weeks
  • Went back to London for 5 nights to visit palmy and Dilly and some other buddies
  • Came back to Tallinn and kept working

Of course, there’s plenty more to it than that, but they’re the kind of stories where you really had to be there to appreciate them anyway, so bugger that.

One thing I should mention is how cool the hostel is. Well, I think so. Unfortunately the website doesn’t seem to display properly in Firefox but it’s fine in IE, Tallinn Backpackers.

I never want to leave Estonia! It’s scary. I really dig it here.

Another thing I dig is listening to music off the Internet because I’m too lazy to keep pulling out my iPod. I started out on BlogMusik but I prefer Radio Blog Club. Enjoy it.


Just a quick pimp. XMPlay is a much nicer portable audio player than VLC Media Player. It’s fast, slick (although I use the Windows Classic skin) and even has a media library function which sorts artists, album and track number! Finally. Now, if only it supported disc numbers, too.

So hot it's worth carrying

It’s taken me much longer than it should have (being the self-confessed geek I am, of course), but I’ve finally started playing with portable software.

Normally I’d have no use for portable software as the only computer I’d spend serious time on would be my own desktop. This hasn’t been the case ever since I started travelling so I’ve typically been at the mercy of net cafes and their (usually shoddy) installations.

I’ve cranked up portable versions of Firefox, GIMP, OpenOffice and a few others onto my iPod along with VLC Media Player, just in case there’s no decent music player. Now I have practically my own computer housed on my 60 gigabyte iPod with my software, settings and music!

The best part is that none of my details or settings ever (well, shouldn’t) get saved on the actual PC I’m using. Of course, I run the risk of bloating up the poor little guy in the future. For the mean time, I’m enjoying it.

Hopefully I’ll be able to find even more fun things to run off him.


The encoder, I mean.

I’m re-ripping and re-encoding my CDs today, rather than doing anything useful. Audiograbber is now freeware (and sans-spyware), so you may as well go nuts, I say.

I wish I knew where my freebie, collectable TISM CD giveaway is that I received from one of their concerts a few years ago is. It’s a decent piece of memorabilia. Damn it. Oh well.

Life’s a piece of shit (wo-wo-wo)
Open your vein and slit (wo-wo-wo).
Words to live by.

My computer still smokes it re: some weird video function called upon by certain games. Thanks, GPU.

I’m going to save up and buy a digital camera, new (good) headphones and perhaps a suckPod. 60 gigs is too tempting. Why can’t the other brands have decent sized drives in them? I hate them all. Rar.