Change of plans

I resigned from work two weeks ago. I have 8 work days remaining. Nearly made 7 years. Wouldn’t have happened without my roles shifting through the organisation over time… So that’s good.

It’s not officially announced yet but I suspect half the staff already know. Quite a few people have all left at the same time. I’ve been holding off as long as I could but I felt the time had come.

So, what now?

Well, concrete plans are to head overseas for 3 months again. Estonia via Singapore. Splitting the flights apart should hopefully make things more tolerable with the bub.

We’re also looking into picking up a property in Tallinn to eventually move into. We’ve found one we like. Family on both sides are doing their part to help us arrange it, which is lovely.

No set date to migrate. Probably procreate once more first. Likely due next year. Hopefully not too far away, as I’m getting old and I also don’t want the age gap between the two sprogs to be too great.

Loose plans are to study and practise programming. Update CV. Try to make some little applications. Study Estonian. Do temp/contract work when we return. Enjoy family reunion around Christmas.

Doing this on mobile sucks.


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