Not a leap year but maybe I will anyway

Good afternoon.

We’re in the middle of planning a new life overseas. Marika’s going berserk investigating new apartments and interior designs. We’ve found one place we’re very keen on. Whether we can get it is another matter. Time will tell. Hopefully soon.

Since we’re going back to Tallinn this year (on holiday) and we want some more free time either side of that trip I decided to resign from my job. It was a bit awkward, as I don’t leave jobs very often, so I’m not that familiar with my approach. Either way, it’s done now. I have just under 4 weeks remaining and then I suppose I’ll have to finally update my CV.

It’s been a long stint at this employer, but I think I’ll go more into that when I’m fully out.

Apart from that, well, we’ve moved back to my parents’ house to save money. It also gives them more time to spend with their grandchild, so that’s nice. We haven’t quite been able to abuse the live-in babysitter option yet but there’s still time to make amends.

I’m keen to try my hand at some webdev and even some more gamedev. I tinkered with it last year but couldn’t stick with it. I have some little ideas that I’d like to turn into projects for fun and learning. I may even be able to apply some of those new skills to a future job, depending on what sectors I look into. I think if I can stick with it and get over the initial learning up I’ll probably enjoy it. I may need more screens though… we’ll see.

Speaking of screens, I recently purchased one of these USB powered, portable monitors from Amazon. It arrived after about a week or so and works brilliantly. I haven’t tried cramming it into my laptop bag yet but that’s my next mission. I’m sure it won’t fit and then I’ll be sad.


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