Baby milestone

Tonight I am meant to make cheeseburgers. I bet I fuck it up. I do, however, make a very tasty fried cheese sandwich. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to use a sandwich press again – the flavour and texture just isn’t the same.

I currently have a thick moustache. It makes me look a bit creepy and I keep wondering if I would look like Ned Flanders if I was to wear some round glasses.

Most of the snow has melted around here. Unfortunately we dragged Marika’s car out of a hole about a week too early, as we could have just driven it out today. Never mind, I probably needed the exercise. Unfortunately I cracked my beloved wooden plank/portable table using it for traction under one of the front wheels.

There’s only a month left before we return to Tallinn. It looks like I’ll be living in Kopli with Marika and her mum. Then it’s just 2 more months until I’m out of here! Wow. I’m a little scared. I’m dreading feeling completely lost when I’ve been back home for about a week, seen everyone I’m meant to see and unsure what else to do.

Poker entry below, skip it if you’re not interested.

I finally cracked the $200 mark in my Full Tilt account. It’s hovered around it many times only to plummet down to <$70 due to donking off stacks at higher stakes for amusement or just tilting/downswinging and losing lots of progress.

I’ve made a lot of stupid plays and burnt lots of cash leading up to this but I feel that it was just part of the learning process. Although I’m only playing the micros I feel like I’m making better decisions more frequently and it’s paying off. Of course, I still do the occasional donkey moves but overall my confidence has improved a lot.

I actually had earned close to $500 in my Triobet account but withdrew that earlier in the month. I’m just focusing on Full Tilt now. I feel the games are tougher and not quite as juicy but I like the rakeback and I’d prefer to only play one site.


One thought on “Baby milestone

  1. ill agree with that entry about poker. playing too many sites just seems cumbersome.

    donkaments are still the only thing i play though.


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