I have been invited into the Google Wave beta. It’d be a lot better if I had a reason to use it. Still, it’s fun to toy with.

I’ve moved up to 5NL tables in poker and finally unlocked my deposit bonus from July. It took a lot of grinding but I made it with 2 days to spare. Unfortunately, I think I’m about to receive another $100 bonus that only lasts for December, so I doubt I’ll actually get all of it. Some of it would be good, though.

My poker game is getting more confident. Now that I’m not feeling the pressure of getting my bonus money I think I’ll cut back on tables and concentrate on playing better rather than just pounding out hands for points. I’m still in the nanos but progress is progress, right?

Mr and Mrs Jones came to visit last week. It was nice to catch up with them for the first time in years. I think they enjoyed their stay here. I should really work out the tally for how many friends/school buddies have come to visit me since I got here. It should be quite a decent score, I think.

Marika and I are feeling pretty bored at the moment. We’ve been playing Turakas, the card game, now and then. It’s a bit tricky when it’s 1v1 but we don’t have much else to do. I’m very tempted to purchase some sort of board game but they’re all fairly pricey and I’ve not heard of any of them, apart from Monopoly and Risk, yet I don’t see Marika enjoying them that much and I don’t think they handle 1v1 too well. Maybe we can find some friends to play.

Today we’re going to the 4D cinema. I don’t know what that means. They play a film that runs for all of 5 minutes. I suspect we’ll watch that then walk around Lõunakeskus for a few minutes before stocking up at Rimi. What a life.

There’s no snow here. It’s just wet and miserable. I’m too lazy to even bother going to the shop to buy alcohol for myself as a means to pass the time.

Since I can’t use torrents on the apartment Internet connection here I’ve ordered a seedbox. Unfortunately the guy hasn’t set it up yet and it’s been about 2 weeks. Something’s gone wrong on his end but he has the order, so hopefully we’ll get there eventually and I can actually enjoy… things… again.

Oh, one last thing: I need a haircut.


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