This is what happened today

I woke up around 11 with a hangover and feeling sweaty under my blanket. My hair looked funny, too. We’d had a party for Val’s birthday the night before and I drank mostly red wine.

That wasn’t an altogether unfamiliar experience and neither was my stomach being bloated and flabby and my bitch tits slapping around under my arms.

Getting up wasn’t too fun. Fortunately Tim was kind enough to provide me with a fruit smoothie and a bowl of muesli for breakfast along with a cup of tea. I also got to play with Roosi. She still keeps demanding to see Marika.

Tim even made a tasty vegetable soup for lunch without burning it!

Sounds alright so far, doesn’t it?

I worked on some stuff for My Baltic Tour with Hugo and Pete emailed us a possible site redesign. Woohoo.

Somehow it became 6 pm and we decided to go to the gym. I then became wholly disgusted at how miserably weak I have become. I was stronger when I first went to the gym with no training compared to today. I also felt like I looked devastatingly round around the waist. Even the cardio session nearly caused me to faint.

To make myself feel better I decided to cook some good food. Chicken, onion, mushrooms, potatoes, capsicum, peas, corn, green beans and kidney beans! It was fantastic. Well, pretty much.

Unfortunately, I slipped in the ice on the way back and nearly fell. This sudden movement apparently caused the bottom of the grocery bag to split and all my purchases went flying across the road. Hurrah.

To make it worse, Hugo saw it happen. I then had to hold a gate open for him in the cold until he could drive his van out and away. I tried waving goodbye to Roosi but she just looked at me funny.

I finally returned to our kitchen and promptly embedded a small sliver of glass into my foot that took Maarja about 5 minutes of digging around with needles and tweezers to remove. She was kind enough to put a bandage on my bloody cut.

The food tasted really good, though.

I’ve decided that I will indeed research some proper nutrition and weight training. I’m sick of looking exactly the same as I did 8 months ago when I first joined the gym. This sucks.