Chili con carnYEAH

Anna-Lotta just brought around some fucking awesome chili. Hot as hell and loaded with flavour. My mouth is burning, my belly is smiling and my arsehole is quivering in fear.

I want some more! That was the only thing that has happened today so far that didn’t suck.

Where’s Heli? Aren’t you meant to be here now? Lazy bastard.

The gym was alright. I feel so much weaker only after one week. I guess my bad diet over the weekend didn’t really help. At least I did some cardio for once. I’ve decided I’m just going to lift lower weights a lot more frequently in the (probably vain) attempt to enhance my muscle endurance.

Of course, I have no idea if that is the right thing to do at all. I’m just too lazy to read some proper literature on the subject. I think I fear that if I start I will spend about 6 hours going over information. This isn’t such a bad thing. Unfortunately, I am a bad thing.

I flossed my teeth earlier, now one of them hurts. What the fuck?


2 thoughts on “Chili con carnYEAH

  1. ooops i thought you wouldn’t notice me skipping Tallinn. I actually flew over it a day before yesterday and thought of you. or at least i was feeling really sick for the whole time. my cousin failed to find a job and didnt wanna go with me and yeah i admit being just a lazy bastard.

    ill come on spring on the way back i hope. you’ll say you’re not sure if you’ll still be there but i know you will because you’re stuck with tallinn forever. Or just prove me wrong and come to Budapest :P

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