In the swing

I’ve been jogging. Well, three times. Only once a week so far (but I didn’t go last week, tofu distracted me). Tomorrow I think I shall. Indeed.

Yes, tofu came to visit! That was nice. I seem to have a lot of friends that want to come over here and see me. Not bad for a guy that doesn’t really use MSN or Facebook or email people. I guess my personality is just too attractive.

The only negative side of his stay was the fact that I ended up eating pizza with him nearly every day, because he wouldn’t eat anything else. Picky bastard. Well, he did have two pancakes. Still. That, combined with no real exercise didn’t really help my fitness routine. Never mind, there’s still time to look great for summer and not go to the beach anyway.

My cooking hasn’t really progressed at all. I have expanded my repertoire though by attempting to perfect a “big breakfast”. It’s pretty good, actually. Definitely big enough. Definitely unhealthy enough. I suppose that isn’t really doing much for my attempted health kick, either.

Marika’s not going to be in town for a while due to exams. That sucks because now no one will make coffee for me all the time. I guess you can’t win them all.

We opened a new hostel called The Monk’s Bunk at the end of April. Tim’s been running it. So far it’s doing quite well. It’s a funny little place and in my opinion rather quirky, but certainly not without its charms. I’ve got a feeling it’ll be quite popular over summer.

I think I’ll try to start posting more, about random shit, like dumb ideas I’m having. These update posts are getting a bit boring, even for me.