A little bit "meh"

I feel kind of underwhelmed, or something, at the moment. There’s a real Sunday night vibe here tonight (although it’s Monday), which I’ve always hated.

I don’t know why, really. I should be quite happy as I’ve had a rather fun week. I think I’m just tired. Lack of sleep is catching up to me, but at least it means summer must be coming soon.

First things first: my iPod was finally replaced. Now I’ve replaced most of the music on it, too. Unfortunately, I did lose my TISM albums, but they’re coming back to me at a trickling pace.

I went to Tartu with Steve on Wednesday. We stayed at Marika’s apartment. It was nice to get out of Tallinn again for a few days. I actually went out to a few different bars for once and believe it or not, I was fairly impressed.

I came back on Saturday night, via the scenic route. I can now tick off Vändra and Rapla from my tourist book. I didn’t stay long in either place, but so what, right?

Our new building, the Monk’s Bunk (that’s what we named it) is underway. Tim’s going to be taking care of it. Today I was very useless at building beds (as usual), so I bought everyone lunch instead. The place should be fun when it’s ready. I’ll doubtlessly be setting up all the computers in there soon enough, so that should make up for my lack of laboring skills. It’d better.

Tomorrow we’re going shopping for it, oh goody! More bed screws and work that I really don’t trust myself with. I wonder what other toys we’ll find. I can’t wait to visit the electronics shop. Woo. Yes, I’m a sad sack.

I’ve been wearing shirts lately. Special Sundays is the typical occasion. It’s not really that special, I just get bored. I forgot I even had most of the clothes that are packed in my bag. Perhaps I should work through a new rotation. Definitely.

I want ice cream. :(


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