Who likes alcohol? Me.

Frank picked up a reasonably cute girl with weird bleeding teeth that he reckons looks like Avril Lavigne. Whatever. I suppose he’s at least getting sex. Meanwhile I’m typing this with Byrne passed out on my couch. I don’t even have bedsheets. Whatever.

I’m trying, desperately, to finish off this sherry and lemonade. Yes. I bought a bottle of sherry. $14.35 for 28 standard drinks in 2 litres of cheap wine. Think about it. Yeah, you know it. Mixed with lemonade 50/50 it’s drinkable. Barely. It’s enough to fuck you up if you put in the effort, which is all I need.

Tonight I went to the Marly and Kelly’s pub. I got drunk off Smirnoff Black Ice for the third time in a week. Excellent. 1.9 standard drinks for~$8 doesn’t sound right, though. It’s still fuck-uppish lolly water so I’ll take it. Anything for liver abuse.

Seems like Ross is coming over now, too. At 5:16 am. Hot. Frank reckons we’re gonna go get “the lucifer” from Circulate tomorrow. It’s a big breakfast, including bacon, eggs, hash browns, tomato, sausage, mushrooms, toast, coffee and orange juice. Maybe more, I forget. All that for $13. Fuck yes.

This, of course, is assuming I can rescue Frank tomorrow from wherever he is. I remember how to get back to the place that he’s at (Byrne and I dropped by to admire the free lollypops, pet snake, pet cats and pet dog – the cats were cool) but I have no idea when he’ll be leaving/when to make him leave. Whatever. I’ll sort if out later, when the sun is shining.

Andrew is out at Hunters Hill “getting a good night’s sleep” with Sofie (that’s how he spells it on my phone), his girlfriend. Sure. Apparently he was drinking at Manly tonight and scored a 1 litre bottle of overproof Kahlua from Simba. Thumbs up.

I haven’t topped 2 lines yet on any paragraph according to the current size of the window that I’m typing in. Do y’all dig it? Short and sweet, like my favourite penises.

I really like Mindless Self Indulgence, without having any understanding of what their image/target demographic/anything is. That’s possibly one of the most legitimate fanboi-isms of my life.



15 thoughts on “So.

  1. So a bit of liver abuse, eh! And where was my invite? LOL! You read my LJ and knew I was home alone! I could have done with a bit of liver abuse myself. Next time dont forget this little one. ;) We can write in our LJs together at 5.30am. Just sent you msn but I guess you’re passed out, hehe!

  2. i was in manly last night too, could have said yo to poon

    you sounds like you’re having a good toime though :) cept for byrne being on your couch.

    when is benecke leaving???

  3. Benecke leaves for France on Wednesday and Francis leaves for Canberra on Wednesday, too.

    Benecke pashed me goodbye tonight. It was tight.

  4. redknob you sound like you are turning into an alcoholic!

    Anyway at least your having fun. Im off work all week so we can go out one of the nights perhaps.

  5. Nah, just a wild man. Like that guy in the video you sent me.

    We’ll do something on Thursday night. That’s the next big event.

  6. there was hair in the eggs. the hashbrown was more hashblack. the sausage tasted like athletes foot. i had no mushrooms. 13 dollars for that? fuck no. where was my kick in the face?

    5 hours of cs anyone? + no.dice > autokatz… that faget


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