It’s windy tonight. Well, it was.

I’m bored, tired, mildly inebriated (thanks Margaret River cabernet sauvignon MR02 cleanskin) and lonely. I just found out palmy is staying at his parent’s place tonight, so I have the place to myself. That just makes me feel more bored.

Today I was meant to write a lot of emails and deposit a cheque. At least I bought washing powder. Now I just have to go to the effort of putting my clothes in the dryer.

My main achievement was having a shower. The runner up was meeting up with Winesoc people for dinner up the road (hence the wine). I ate a beef panang. It was tasty.

I hate being tired but wholly awake and bored. I feel like I should be doing something. Something important. That something is probably sleeping. I don’t think eating all these Natural Confectionary Company lollies is helping me approach slumber. Oh well.

I really wish I had a jaffle iron. It’d give me an excuse to buy cheese. It’d give me an excuse to eat more toasted bread, too.

Here’s my prediction: I’m about to find a song that makes me look cool to display as my current music; pick a current mood that sounds vaguely accurate; post this entry; sip more wine; stand up and put my clothes in the dryer; walk downstairs and eat more lollies (I placed them there tactically); sit around for a bit on my PC again and then finally, perhaps, watch a movie on it.



16 thoughts on “Wind.

  1. I agree with Scott…
    What I wouldn’t give to have the house to myself for a night; could have people over without my roommate throwing a hissy fit, could watch what movies I wanted on my big tv in the living room (instead of my littler tv in my room) without listening to giant sighs and moans over my choice of decent movies, as opposed to the fucking bloody awful chick flicks she prefers to watch… i just like the bloody movies!
    Stop your bitching and suck it up!

  2. better slow down, you don’t want a heart attack :P sounds like my day

    eating lollies is always fun

  3. Natural Confectionary Company are actually the greatest lollies.

    Mmm you should invest in a jaffle thing… I just made a cheese sandwich. Soo good.

  4. I’m bored, tired, mildly inebriated (thanks Margaret River cabernet sauvignon MR02 cleanskin) and lonely

    You’ll always have your hand. That is unless you lose both in some hideous boating accident or something.

  5. MR02 cleanskin sounds like a brand of pimple cream.

    Here is a testimonial from a happy MR02 cleanskin user:
    “Mmm, this wine makes my skin feel all shiny and new. I just vomited on myself” – redknob, Newtown.

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