Yeah I made a bad joke for my subject. Great. The joke is about this movie. I probably should have explained that first. The longest 73 minutes of my life. I even fell asleep halfway through it. I think that’s impressive. We’ll still keep the DVD.

tofu just told me he thinks furry porn is hot. For fuck’s sake. I’m glad he’s moving to Melbourne.

Christmas was alright. I got a video camera. Expensive, but bottom of the line for its type. Good enough for the amateur, annoying stuff that I want to record. I still think I’ll try and pick up a good digital camera in a few months. Particularly for when I’m travelling. I might get one in Japan.

I ate way too much food over the weekend and during the last day or so and the majority of it was (of course) junk. My diet’s been put on hold for the holiday season it seems. I’m still trying to resist but there’s just so much tasty stuff out there to eat at the moment. Mmm, piggy.

New year’s at the shack should be good. That is, of course, as long as people don’t soft out. It’s going to be a little weird anyway I think but I’ll make sure I enjoy myself and everyone else can either join in or get lost. That’s right. I’m playing hardball.

I’m disappointed that it looks like I’m going to need an iPod or equivalent before I go overseas next year. I’m not used to having a large assortment of music available that I actually want to listen to. I’m going to have to adjust.


14 thoughts on “Talisyawn.

  1. no ipod.

    get a creative or iriver.


    i should be coming to the shack although on coming back from Ham i’ve found some of the girls are talking about not going.
    it’s all up in the air and annoying.

    yay camera.

  2. puyobe just told me he thinks furry porn is hot. For fuck’s sake. I’m glad he’s moving to Melbourne.

    Me too. We don’t need such inverts in NSW. We have already suffered enough.

  3. Help me have him banned from the state for life. Let’s start a petition. I hear those online ones are real crackers.

  4. But still, I don’t think so.

    Maybe if I spelt redknob, Redknob. Some people don’t like grammatical liberties.

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