I’m going to have to do a spot of Christmas shopping this week. God damn it. On top of that, my beard’s back and it’s a little itchy. Life is hard.

This week has been pretty fun. My Finnish-friendly Newtown tour guide abilities have shot through the roof and I even found a few shops myself that I didn’t know existed in the area. I guess that’ll help with the shopping. I’m sure we’ve magically watched about 300 hours of television and movies throughout the week. Somehow we managed to make it out on the town on Thursday and Saturday nights, too. I was expecting them both to be able to drink considerably more but at least rapid inebriation means you save money on alcohol.

Today I have to get my Amelie DVD back from a uni friend. I exchanged it for Fight Club, since I’d never watched it from start to finish properly before. It was only about 2 months ago, giving me just enough time to scrape in a viewing. She’s going to be near Broadway getting enrolled into a religious order. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? She gets to wear a scapula and probably learns a secret handshake. I think it may also entitle her to discounts at various retail outlets. Personally, I’d prefer a customer loyalty card but whatever.

Ross got back on Thursday night. I was going to pick him up from the airport but I was already drinking in Newtown when he landed. He got home via the miracle of public transport and seemed to survive, so I didn’t feel so bad. I made up for it last night when I walked home from the Cross (again) with tofu (again). That’s at least the third time I’ve achieved that. Each occurrence makes me feel just a little bit more like I’m a man. Eventually I’ll have the courage to do it without wearing a skirt and holding hands with tofu the whole way back for warmth.

Lately I’ve lost my appetite. There’s no particular reason for it that I can think of. I just have. This is good because I’m trying to spare some cash. I only ever feel slightly hungry but never enough to make me really want to chow down, so I’m getting by very easily on just one meal a day or so. These last few days that one meal has been somewhat dodgy and heavy-sitting in my stomach, so maybe that’s why I’m coping so well. I would give it all up for a good savoury crepe. I’ve been craving one for months but I never find myself in a food court at the right time in order to get one and we all know that the only places you can get crepes are from food courts in shopping centres.

The Istanbul on King kebab shop has me confused. They make quality kebabs but their falafels are poor. This totally destroys my otherwise consistently correct theory that you can gauge the calibre of a kebab shop based on the strength of their falafels. To fudge my results, I’m going to write that experience off as an outlier and assume it was just a bad batch and never buy a falafel from there again.


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  1. careful with your diet :/
    i think it’s the hot weather, cause i’m sort of the same at the moment, less appetite anyhow. don’t need as much fuel as you do in winter cause you don’t need to warm yourself up and all.

  2. You went to Kings Cross with tofu and didn’t take pictures? It’s simply cruel to deny your audience of such things.

  3. Thanks. It’s been accurate for the last 5 years, that’s why I was so upset when I tried that falafel.

    Good falafels indicate attention to detail, that’s what it’s all about. ;)

  4. Still a few kilos to go! I’ve found that the best diet is to not eat anything after going out drinking. Maybe it’s the dehydration working its magic, I don’t know. It seems to work, though.

    You could be right about the weather. It’s certainly not been pie-friendly temperature of late.

  5. what are you now? and goal weight?
    yeah, cause you have all the beer and alcohol fattiness, then to add a kebab/fast food on top of that makes it all hugely fatty.

    you still walking in your breaks at work? or is your exercise just the action ball?

    hehe, i’m sure you won’t let that stop you from the pies.
    i haven’t had a pie in ages. hm.

  6. I’m about 87kg at the moment but I haven’t eaten anything today. >_>

    I haven’t got a goal weight because I don’t know what weight I have to be to look how I want to look.

    No, I’m not anorexic.

    Yeah, actionball is my only real exercise. At work I usually walk to Macquarie Centre for food. I usually try to just buy some fruit and vegetables from Woolies.

    Andrew keeps taking me to the pie shop at Mac Centre, actually. I don’t like paying $5 for one pie, though, so I try to keep it to a minimum.

  7. the falafles at istanbul are good though. i think you may have been served a crap one?

    Or perhaps i simply cant taste them that well after a few drinks?

    Regardless im convinced the theory is correct. Anyone taking tender care of there falafels definately will usually produce top notch kababs.

  8. I think I may have. The outlier decision was correct! Hurrah!

    I really should write an academic paper outlining the theory.

  9. It was probably the scene with Louis, the old hag, and the poodles. I totally lol’ed when Lestat broke her neck.

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