toffee and I just cleaned up our flat again, since our Finnish friends will be back in town tonight after they were sacked from the lettuce planting farm job they had. I know. We aren’t sure how you get sacked from planting lettuce, either.

I’ve just gotten the bath tub/shower looking nice and white so I’m scared that I’ll make it all dirty again when I have a shower as I have dirty feet from all my housemaid action. I should note down that tofu actually did the vacuuming. What a moment! ;)

Mantech Mike still hasn’t mentioned anything to me about this ASX job. He only did it on Thursday or something, though. I guess I’ll just have to wait it out a bit longer and see what happens.

This week I’ve boosted my MP3 stockpile by another 4 gigabytes or so. Research is fun! Unfortunately I’m the only person I’ve ever met that likes the music I get. That’s if meeting myself counts. Technically I haven’t. I’ve never met anyone that likes the music I get. That’s better.

One of my top level teeth (A grade only) has become a bit sensitive to cold. Even sucking in air causes a little bit of pain. I think I may have been brushing too hard and cut back the gum a little. My fault for buying a “hard” bristle toothbrush thinking that it’d wear down and become soft after a few brushes. Whoops. Sensodyne times may well be ahead.

Last night we had an epic victory in actionball, 48-35. I’m actually surprised the other team scored that many times. Our shooters (apart from me, of course) were on fire. Literally. They’re in the burn ward at the moment recovering. I think I got some of their skin stuck to my shoe. Maybe it was my skin, since I still get a blister each time I play. It’s worth enduring. Man, I have so much fun running around in my pink shirt. I want to play every day.

So, anyone else wondering how most of the kebab shops are going today in Cronulla? Poor buggers.


21 thoughts on “Clean.

  1. My kebab shop is not in a very good state at the moment.

    I’m going to tear the heads off those spoilt white bitches.

    I wouldn’t mind you and Toffee getting your arses over here and giving us a hand to clean this mess up.

  2. There’s nothing more tragic than a run-down kebab shop. The beauty of kebab shops, though, is that they can remain open even when they’re dodgy. Most do.

    I don’t know if I’m man enough to clean up twice in the same week.

  3. They make the best kebabs.

    The ones with cockroaches running around all over the floor and band-aids in your falafel roll. I dig it.

    Well give that bad boy a rub and step up, alright? Don’t shirk your duties.

  4. How the hell did you know that I rub bad boys?

    I’ve gotta put a cloth over this webcam of mine. This is simply awkward.

    I still have a craving for falafel.

  5. Nah I didn’t know. You just seem the type is all. =p

    But now you’ve gone and outed yourself. Look what you’ve done!

  6. I actually rub bad boys while I have my arm hanging out of the car window, tapping along on the door to bad pop music. Usually I’m holding a falafel in the opposite hand.

    I also don’t physically steer. I just hope.

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