18 thoughts on “Slash.

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don’t ask. There’s too much to say.

    Besides, I refuse to post anything emotional on to LiveJournal. There’s already enough people doing that.

    In fact, my posts are quite representative of my regular mental/emotional state: shallow.

    What this means is that if I actually posted something a bit insightful it would be completely out of character. I just know that I’d cringe at it later, too.

    I must admit I’m quite looking forward to becoming a bitter, twisted old man due to my reluctance to express myself to others.

  2. You’ve been reading Slash fiction and it’s making you feel emo?

    So was it Giles/Spike? No wait, you seem more like a Peter Parker/Harry Osborn guy. Am I right?

  3. Nah, the slash title was a reference to my wrists.

    Alright, I’ll share the secret. I’m actually John Brogden.

  4. “Alright, I’ll share the secret. I’m actually John Brogden.”

    Yeah, well now I’m all emo because you didn’t finish the job John.

  5. It’s amazing actually that this post has gotten so many replies simply for mentioning something to do with emotion. I guess it goes to show no one gives a shit about day-to-day stuff. Hmm.

    “I wish you would”.

    The way you say that makes me think you might even care! Awww.

  6. True.

    So, you’ve heard what he was trying to cut too?

    Who told you? No fair.

    I tried to tell him they have operations for that now.

  7. Black sunglasses – check

    Suit and tie – check

    Hideous overbite – check

    Hidden wire – check

    Stun gun – check

    Bible – check

    George W. Bush fan club poster – check and check.

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