I hope I didn’t break my “one worded subjects” convention by using a hyphenated word. I guess I just can’t stop myself from living on the edge.

Here’s a new article from The Age:

Play and learn

It was an awakening for American writer Steven Johnson – just a hint of the educational power of video games.

Recently released in Australia,
Everything Bad Is Good for You: How Today’s Popular Culture Is Actually Making Us Smarter contends that not only is gaming beneficial but so is popular television.

He proffers scientific studies carried out over the past decade that show gamers can be faster at visual recognition, can condition their brains to use less energy and can even be more social, confident and comfortable in problem-solving than those who don’t play.

Johnson is such a believer in the enriching powers of video games that he’d like to see them come with a “cognitive challenge” rating alongside ratings for violence and language so parents are advised on their mental stimulation.

There’s more of a discussion in the article. Still, yay. I guess.

I am about to eat a pie.


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  1. Actually I believe it was one of Sargeant’s premium beef and red wine pies… Or something.

    Not too bad, really. If you like meat and all that. Then again it’s probably not really meat anyway, much like the “bacon chips” (made from soy) in Pizza Hut salad bars.

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